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We Are In The Vintage Drum Business and Cousin, Business is a Boomin'
We Buy, Sell & Trade Ludwig Vintage Drums (and other instruments, too!) is where to buy vintage Ludwig drums and Ludwig drum sets, and buy other brands of used drums cheap, find the best prices on second-hand drums, this is where to buy rare or vintage Ludwig drums, discover how to choose vintage drums, you can order used or vintage drums online and have them shipped to you for free, find Ludwig snare drums on sale including Ludwig Supersensitive, Supraphonic, Acrolite, Jazz Festival, Pioneer and Ludwig Standard or if you need drum parts, you can buy Ludwig drum parts here as well, including flatbase, Ludwig Atlas and Hercules stands.

Find out how to examine vintage drums to determine the value of your drums.  Before you buy a vintage drum or drum set, learn how to evaluate vintage drum features that add to or subtract from "vintage value".  Know what you are looking for in terms of vintage look, wood composition, vintage colors, original condition, feel, era, manufacturer and your own personal budget.  These factors are essential for determining what a vintage drum or drum set is worth.  In the end the amount a person is willing to pay for a vintage drum set is determined by how bad that person wants the vintage drum kit.

DW, Leedy, Gretsch, Ludwig, Pearl, Rogers, Slingerland, Sonor, Tama, Yamaha, Zickos

We buy and sell used and vintage Ludwig drums.  Specializing in Ludwig, including Ludwig Supraphonic and Acrolite Snare Drums, Super Sensitive, Ludwig Drum Parts, Ludwig thrones and Ludwig Atlas Hardware.  If you are looking for a Ludwig Vistalite set, we have several Vistalites in stock.  Our Ludwig drums feature Keystone Badges and Blue & Olive Badges from the 60s, 70s and beyond.  

Vintage drums from all the famous drum companies like Ludwig, Leedy,  Slingerland, Rogers, Sonor, Premier, Pearl, TAMA and Zickos are also available.  Most of our vintage drum inventory doesn't make it to the website, so if you are looking for some specific used or vintage drum or cymbal please, Contact Us

Featuring Ludwig Drums: Ludwig Drum Sets, Snare Drum, Vistalite, Ludwig Drum Parts and Drum Hardware -- Vintage Ludwig For Sale. 

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thanks for your support of our online music shop. We love what we do and could not do it without all of you. Remember a drummer drums, always.  Keep playing that funky music!

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