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Ludwig Drum Sets

Vintage Ludwig drum set images courtesy of the Ludwig Drum Company


Vintage Ludwig Drum Sets For Sale.

Vintage Ludwig drum sets. Vintage Ludwig keystone and blue/olive badges, sparkle and oyster drum finishes, vintage Ludwig Vistalite drums, Ludwig wooden drum sets and more classic vintage Ludwig drum sets. Ludwig Drum Sets from the Ludwig Drum Company that are made with care by Ludwig's drum craftsmen in the United States of America.

Ludwig Drum Company has introduced a stream of innovations in drum construction, particularly in the use of materials and finishes. The Black Beauty snare drum, a hand-engraved black nickel-plated brass shell drum first manufactured by Ludwig during the 1920s, is highly prized by collectors and players alike. The Black Beauty was reissued, available with or without machine engraved, in the late 1970s, and reissued again in the 1990s.

Most of the drums manufactured by Ludwig were made of wood. For many years the shells were constructed of a three-ply lamination of mahogany, poplar, and mahogany, but starting in 1968 the mahogany was replaced by maple. All of these shells had a maple reinforcing ring glued to the inner circumference at each end. Six-ply wood construction was introduced in 1976. These drums did not have reinforcing rings.

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Ludwig Vistalite Drum Set
Ludwig Vistalite Drum Set
Ludwig Clear Vistalite Drum Set Circa 1970s
Ludwig Drum Set - Big Beat Red Mahogany Drum Set - 1981 - Vintage
Ludwig Drum Set - Big Beat Red Mahogany Drum Set - 1981 - Vintage
Ludwig Big Beat Drums