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New Drum Product Spotlight!

Bass Plate Pedal Dock For 20" Bass Drums
Following the successful release of its innovative bass drum pedal dock for 22" bass drums in early 2015, Burns Engineering president and Bass Plate inventor Nick Burns has announced the pending arrival of the BP-20--a new model of the advanced drum accessory for 20" bass drums. Like the original BP-22 model, the new Bass Plate fits both eight- and ten-lug bass drums. The docking device is designed to improve the sound, protect the hoop, and increase the stability of bass drums. It also provides the added benefit of lateral pedal positioning and is the only after-market docking device that quickly, safely, and securely attaches directly to the drum. Bass Plates are currently used by many of the world's leading drummers and are compatible with most popular bass drum pedals (A list of compatible pedals is available on the company's website.) Distributed by Big Bang Distribution. MSRP $69.99. 

Zildjian Planet Z Cymbals Now Available
The Avedis Zildjian Company's Planet Z Cymbals are available for the first time in the United States. Created for new drummers looking to make their first entrance to the Zildjian family of products and produced in Zildjian's Norwell, Massachusetts manufacturing facility, Planet Z is made of a proprietary nickel-silver alloy that delivers a sonically superior cymbal at a more economical price point. With its entrance in the U.S., Planet Z gives the drumming consumer a definitive "good-better-best" selection with the acclaimed ZBT B8 alloy (92% copper, 8% tin) and the new S Family B12 alloy instruments (88% copper, 12% tin). Zildjian Planet Z Cymbals are available at select U.S. dealers in four popular cymbal sets and as singles in a 10" Splash and 18" China. Like all Zildjian cymbals, the Planet Z Series features a two-year limited warranty. 

Sabian Unveils More Big & Ugly Cymbals
In response to drummers worldwide who asked for more choices in the Big & Ugly collection, Sabian has introduced new crash-friendly sizes and hi-hats. Big & Ugly offers big, dark, loose, and dynamic cymbals for sonic versatility, tonal complexity, and huge fun. The series' new 18" AA Sick Hats are thin, very dry, and very controllable. Twenty-eight holes in the top cymbal allow them to breathe in ways other hats simply cannot, with virtually no airlock. (Sick Hats can also be reversed and played with the holes-side down.) The Big & Ugly series also includes 14" and 16" AA Apollo hats, and smartly priced 14" XSR Monarch Hats, which is great news for drummers who have already incorporated Big & Ugly models into their set-up and want to add the articulation, control, and super-fat sound the new hats deliver. Big & Ugly crash-friendly sizes include 18" and 20" AA Apollo, and 18" and 20" XSR Monarch.