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Fender Amplifier Footswitch Pedal

Fender Amplifier Footswitch Pedal
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Price: $25.00
Availability: 1
Model: Fender Footswitch Pedal
Manufacturer: Fender

Fender Footswitch Pedal

This used Fender 2-button foot switch will enable you to select your amp channel or turn amp effects on and off on the Fender Frontman FM 65 DSP, Super-Champ XD, Champion 40, and Champion 100 amps. Whether you're ordering a replacement or adding flexibility to your amp, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Cable is included.   

The Fender 2 Channel Footswitch Pedal is a sleek, Fender-style, 2-button footswitch for many Fender guitar amplifiers. The Fender Footswitch Pedal supports channel switching and effects on/off, connectig to your amp via a 1/4" jack. When you want to take full-on control of your Fender Amplifier, you need the Fender Footswitch Pedal!

Fender Footswitch Pedal Features:

    2-button Footswitch Pedal for Fender Amps
    Supports Channel Switching or Effects on/off
    1/4" Jack

    Includes 12' cable

Fender Amplifier Footswitch Pedal
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