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Paiste PST 5 Medium Ride Cymbal

Paiste PST 5 Medium Ride Cymbal
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Price: $99.99
Availability: 1
Model: Paiste 20 Inch Ride Cymbal
Manufacturer: Paiste

Paiste PST 5 Ride Cymbal | Paiste 20 Inch Ride Cymbal - PST 5

Series Description: The fusion of Swiss cymbal sound know-how with German hi-tech expertise. PST cymbals represent a breakthrough combination of quality and value, and convince with superior sound and appearance.

The Paiste PST 5 Medium Ride 20 Inch sells for $136.80 on Musicians Friend. MSRP: $228.00.

Buy our used Paiste PST 5 Ride 20 inch cymbal for $99.99 including free shipping to the continental USA.

Since: 2005
Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze
Applications: All volume settings • Live playing • Entire range of music styles
Sound: Bright, clean, full, focused, cutting and energetic with full functional and musical characteristics

Manufacturer's Description for Paiste PST 5 Series Medium Ride Cymbal

For the manufacture of PST 5 cymbals Paiste uses the same high-grade bronze alloy as in their professional class, which became famous through their 2002 series. The combination of this sonorous bronze with their new production method provides drummers with new sound dimensions, and due to the rich program, with numerous possibilities to design an individual cymbal set.

20 in. medium ride
Weight: medium
Volume: soft to loud
Stick sound: balanced
Intensity: fairly lively
Sustain: medium
Bell character: separated

Sound character: bright, full, warm. Medium range, clean mix. Even, balanced feel. Clear ping over controlled, clean wash.

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